Mrs. T

Mrs. T is not married with Mr. T (heuheuheuheu).

Just call her Tyasye if you like it.

She is just an ordinary human being, not so different from you.

She used to be a photographer-of-NatGeo-wannabe and a diplomat-of-United Nations-wannabe too, who now enjoys good sceneries and traveling around Indonesia with her camera and a backpack.

She might have big dreams (and still trying hard to reach them), but now she enjoys every little achievements day by day like baking cupcakes or able to take a picture Jamie Cullum performing or able to be at home before the night to play with her girls.

U2 big fans as Linkin Park big fans too and now to Maroon5, fascinating with LEGO, gadgets, make up and food.

She likes cooking like she likes talking about law, she likes shopping as much as she hates teribble and annoying people :P.

She loves planning: parties, arisan, hang-outs, playdates even anybody’s life eeeeer…

But most of all she loves being Lil’Miss Koala and Baby Koala’s ibu and also Mr. Y’s not-so-perfect-wifey.


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