For some people, negativity is their way of life. And I have to dealt with one of them everyday, a very cynical and emotional person.

Her negative energy often spilled off in every discussion so after talking with her I don’t have the mood to do anything, like a bad aftertaste. Actually I would avoid talking to her if I could, but I could not because we are in the same work team.

And yesterday I could not deal with her anymore. As negative people can be quite too critical, she dropped insensitive comments that are hurtful. I was thinking at that time to resign my job right away just because I could not stand her anymore.

Last night I was thinking that I need to work out an action plan to deal with negative people. After all, she was not going to be the only negative person I was going to encounter in my life.

Since that for a time being I could not drop them from my life, I think I need to set myself into positivity and not to engage in her negativity.

Positive life actually needs positive minds (yes in plural), my positivity can be drowned by others’ negativities if let them.

I won’t let my life drowned so I am sending postive vibes.

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