Do You Really Know Your Husband?

While Caitlyn Jenner goes viral this Monday (no I will not talking about LGBT stuff), just one question pops up in my mind.

Do I really know my own husband?

And do you really know yours?

Maybe you think what the hell I am talking about, why you even have to care about Bruce Jenner’s transformation, and what is all about anyway?

Let me explain you about the story behind this Caitlyn Jenner.

Picture from Va

Picture from Vanity Fair

Caitlyn Jenner, who goes viral this Monday, is formerly known as Bruce Jenner, a famous Olympian who won Gold Medal at Summer Olympics in 1976. After becoming an international attention, he was also known making some appearances in several televisions series and today he was also known as the father of the Kardashians Sisters in Keeping Up with The Kardashians (KUTK). His bitter divorce with the famous Momager Kris Jenner (please note that the term Momager is now trademarked by Kris Jenner) and his openness as a trans woman become sensational, not only that KUTK is a worldwide reality show hit nowadays, and also because Jenner has become a famous openly transgender person in the world especially after his interview with a notable journalist Diane Sawyer at 20/20.

In some articles about Bruce Jenner transitioning to this beautiful lady, his (or her?) former wife, the famous matriarch of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner, has repeatedly that she was not aware about the gender issue when they were still together. Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner told the Vanity Fair quoted in this article by People Magazine here that Kris witnessed Jenner wearing women’s clothing while she was still living as Bruce; together, Jenner says, they even established a rule that Jenner, at that time known as Bruce, could only cross-dress when Jenner was traveling alone and away from the family’s house. Kris denies this statement. Being married for more than 20 years, do you really did not know your domestic partner at all?

I wonder whether Kris Jenner really knew it or she did knew but didn’t want to acknowledge it?

I do not blame Kris for her ignorance.

Just because I think she is not alone to face the same situation as a wife.

Please, do ask yourself once again my friends, do really know your partner?

I don’t.

It happened that myself did not know that my husband for 3 years then liked to eat fried tofus with chillies!

Or I just found out this year (after almost 12 years together and 8 years of marriage) that my husband enjoys dark coffees, especially from Toraja and Aceh.

Looking back through years, I realize that apparently Mr. Y did not particularly mention his love for chillies, not by purpose, but because I thought that I did not like chillies so must him too.

And just because he never ask me to go to Starbucks, I thought that he prefers tea than a black coffee.

I just thought but never ask.

I just thought that what I am doing (for our marriage) was just okay.

Maybe it was okay, maybe he wanted more. But I did not ask him.

Am I becoming too dominant in this relationship? Perhaps.

Do I become so ignorant? Maybe.

Or are other couples out there experiencing the same problem as we do?

No arguments means happiness?

Or maybe because our partner did not want stuck in any confrontation with us.

There were times that I did not believe wives are not aware when their husbands are cheating on them. How can they be so ignorant? They should notice any signals, right? Or maybe they were just like me,  a happy smile in our face means everything is okay. We just do not want to know more, just because there were no arguments.

Well, a happy smile does not mean everything is okay.

My office mate sometimes said that wives do like when their husbands lie to them. They do not like their dream being torn apart, they love lies that knowing the truth. As an example he asked me this question: will the wives be happy if their husbands confess that they are cheating of they are more happier if their husbands proclaimed that they are all faithful?

Maybe some women like to deny reality in front of them with a blindfold.

Some husbands fear confrontation, and some wives need to open their eyes.

If you think that you really know your spouse, then think again.


PS. To Caitlyn Jenner, I wish you the best of all for you and also for Kris Jenner. And to Kris Jenner, as I admire you as a very strong Momager, thank you for this awakening call.


8 thoughts on “Do You Really Know Your Husband?

  1. IndKur says:

    Gw sih udah ngaku, Tyas, kalo gw emang gak mengenal Hani sedalam Hani mengenal gw.
    Mungkin karena gw terlalu cuek, terlalu percaya ato males usaha ?

  2. says:

    Ini postingan super jleb! I think I know my husband that well, tapi bener juga.. Ada beberapa hal baru yg gw jg baru tau setelah dia reveal it to me eventually.
    *peluk kenceng suami akuuuhh*

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