I Don’t Like to Take a Picture of Me

If you ever noticed, sometimes i don’t have a lot pictures of me shared publicly. Why? Because i am so called the woman behind the camera :p. I wouldn’t state that i am a photographer, but i do like taking pictures.

Luckily, i have my grandfather and my father’s love for photography. My grandfather, Eyang Kakung, had taken so many pictures from actual events happening in our family to national events happening in Indonesia and abroad. My Eyang worked as a civilian in our army, so he got lucky that he could take pictures of the first SEA Games held in Jakarta, or the visit of Emperor Akihito to Indonesia closely :). And don’t forget that at the time the pictures was in black and white and there is no digital camera, so you must be an expert to get beautiful pics in one shoot. If i am not wrong, he has a Nikon camera and Leica one.

My father also loves photography and Nikon camera ;). He likes taking pictures of us, especially when we lived in Paris. I was his object of his camera.

My uncle and my cousins also love photography. Not only with their camera, but they also can manage taking beautiful pics with their gadgets. Maybe we are all gifted with good pair of eyes.

I started to use a camera when i was in elementary school. If you ever think that my father gave me his Nikon, you must mistaken me ;). I started with a toy camera. Yup, cheap film camera, without any proper lenses small as the size of my palm. Do i enjoy it? Of course, for me i could take pictures. Then in the end of my primary school, my father bought me a Fuji camera. A simple one. I bought a lot of films, and i really love taking pics of my friends. Oh yes, with that Fuji camera, i was able to take a picture of kunta sunset. So, i believe that beautiful pics doesn’t always come from sophisticated camera, but it is all about BAKAT.

Then in my college year actually i don’t have a descent camera, due the economic crisis at that time, it was expensive to buy a camera. So i forgot about photography. My father at the time owned a Canon, but i used it very carefully.

So, after i graduated, my wish list was to have a proper camera. Time passed by, still i couldn’t afford to buy a Nikon.

When Mr. Husband was in Japan, he gave me a surprise for my 31st birthday: a DSLR Nikon. He got it with reasonable price for Amazon.co.jp, he knew my wishlist was that camera. Actually, he got the photography virus too, now we enjoy to take pictures together.

Beside the camera, Mr. Husband is a wonderful man, he knows that i like taking pictures, so he always manages in our vacations that he will handdle the toddler and the baby by himself so i can take pictures of the scenery. So sweet yaaaa… *minta dikeplak hahahaha*.

Now Little Miss K is asking about camera, she likes taking pics too. Maybe it’s because it is in our genes ;). So will i give my camera to her? Since i thought that she is too little to handdle a something millions Rupiah camera, maybe i won’t let her to have mine. But i surely will encourage her by lending a simple camera or i saw at Aksara a Lego Toy Camera and a toy camera like i had before.

As someone who love beautiful scenery, i always love this quote:

buying a Nikon does not make you a photographer, it makes you an owner


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