In Pursuit for Sharukh Khan in Mumbai

this is the house of Mr. Khan, his apartment, very modest one don’t you think?

I forgot when exactly i went to Mumbay, maybe around mid August. I was for business trip with @PRMDY, well we didn’t expected that the city was far away for the exotic as shown on films. But so far, it was a wonderful adventures for both of us, maybe we were exaggerating for the scene there, but the culture was awesome.

By the way, we went touring the city with help of the hotel, it was about Rp1mio a day including driver and a car (old sedan but proper). Our guide was nice and he helped us to find very cheap shop, where we landed on a shop for so many beautiful pashmina (real pashmina from silk) own by a muslim and he gave me a proper price. We didn’t go too long because it was a festive day with parades for Ganesha and we had to catch our light by midnight and we didn’t want to get stucked in the traffics.

So please take a look of our pics below… Enjoy friend
the foto of my friend in front of a apartement is actualy the house of S. Khan








if you happened to have your clothes to the laundry, it might be your clothes was laundried at this largest (human) laundry in the world (DhobiGhat).


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