How Is the Weekend So Far?

As I told you before in earlier blog, this is a very busy weekend.

On Saturday, we were planned to do our monthly groceries. We equals moi, two girls and two teteh. Since i couldn’t drive, so we hired a taxi. But, i totally forgot, this was the day for the gardener to come. So we waited until he finished, and a was in late morning. We went by to the Sumarecon, but migraine hinted me. We landed at SMS (Sumarecon Mall Serpong), and bought our lunch. It was a nice lunch, i had my Soup Kaki Kambing Dudung Roxy. Then we were walking to the choo choo train station, unfortunately it was not there anymore. After window shopping, with Miss K’s terrible attitude because her sister got a Hello Kitty bracelet, she got a towel from a Japanese toy vending machine, we went home right away. How about the groceries? After driving the kids and teteh back home, i managed to do the shopping with little teteh. We went to Giant BSD then it turned out that there were Sound Adrenaline next to Giant. The traffic was bearable but we got difficulties finding a cab to drive us home (with 10 bags of groceries and a box of UHT milk). luckily after i walked to Giant bus stop, i found a cab. But still I hadn’t bought chicken for the porridge, so i went back to Belmart to buy some chickens our weekly groceries.

On Sunday, after i made chicken stock in the night before with the help of slow cooker, i made the porridge. It was yummy except i had left it burn a bit :p. But the girls had liked it. Then i managed to go to the Pasar Modern since i forgot to buy the brown sugar and salted butter for my cookies project. I went there by ojek with Miss K (please blame on my careless). It turned out am not buying only for the cookies, but we got again brunch at Oenpao PasMod and i bought some Cakwee there. then after we got home, Miss K was playing with the boy next door, named Endru. After she finished she help me to bake the cookies. The cookies was awesome and super-duper yummy. After that, i cooked Ayam Bakar Belacan and Tuna Mayo Spread for Miss K’s lunch. This weekend the standing oven is overused I guess :)).

How about Baby K? She got cough but it was okay, there is nothing serious. I found out now she can talk a lot of vocabulary: Pis (pipis and poops), aduh, ayah, dzu (ibu), teteh icoh (her nanny), mbak, ya (zia), Elok, gak,tus (sepatu), kut (ikut), dzil (mobil), no, ang (gendong), lis (nulis), ati (eyang ti), kung (akung), bapak (eyang bapak), yang (eyang), tuh (jatuh), minyum, susu, bobo. I am counting her vocab because some doctors said that at the age of two, a baby should speak the minimum of 20 word, either it was spelled correctly or not. She is now 19mos, she can understand simple commands (i like to ask her to clean and put it on the trash), she knows to speak her objections (no no no with pointing her fingertip). She is awesome.

So how is my weekend? Only one word: wonderful the only missing is Mr. Husband.


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