Happy Weekend!

This weekend, again without Mr. Husband, who apparently is juggling in the forest of South Sulawesi to catch any phone signals, i will spend it with my two girls and the two teteh doing our monthly groceries. Yay, it’s groceries time!

I have two plans to do in this weekend, cooking bubur ayam for my girls and spaghetti carbonara for Mbak Teteh (Little K’s nanny) and also maybe i will cook bandeng presto. if you need a very yummy bandeng presto recipe, shall you take a look to @irrasistible’s blog, i had mine once and it was very yummy and it was a success. Maybe if i have also time i will cook for this weekend Ayam Bakar Terasi… i love love love it (and the two teteh liked it too since they are picky eaters). I got the recipe from SAJIAN SEDAP, i have the application on my gadget. I can’t live cook without that application :). Any other plan T? heeeem let me see, i think i will try @metariza’s cookies recipes, it looks very yummy (and i am a fan of @irrasistible and @metariza’s blog, just because they have yummy recipes heuheuheu). it has been a long time since the last time i use my standing oven (i will write the wonder of having a standing oven later).

okay, anything else beside cooking cooking cooking and cooking? Like i said before, this is the time for groceries, i think i will try @indahkurniawaty’s recommendation in her blog to buy beras Nachi. by the way, mbak @indahkurniawaty happens to give a giveaway quiz about beras Nachi, so please take your time to join the contest.

but, the thing i really want for my weekend is this:

the two sister, a friendship forever *please, don’t mind about the gadget in the pic, am not that kind of mother who give an iPad to a baby re: takut sama mamaYEAH*

Happy weekend to you all my friends 🙂

langsung lari matiin komputer lari ke Stasiun Tanah Abang mengejar Commuter Line…


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