I Want My Childrens…

…knows what is struggle means.

This week i was visiting my dearest friend @iekz who had delivered a handsome baby boy (hello baby Owen, you are so handsome, aunty loves you), and we were chitchatting about many thing until i was complaining about Lil’Miss Koalas’s kindergarten. I will not expose the name of her school (i can only say one this islamic famous school), but for a school that we were expecting our daugther to learn more about Islamic concepts, why all the things she had learnt are about D-U-I-T. And qurban concept was related with “money” sacrifice zzzzzZZZZZ.

Then, in the end of the discussion, i told my friend that i want Lil’Miss Koala someday goes to Universitas Indonesia for her college year and attends her class by that very hectic train like we were in our college years, so she will know how her mommy struggled to finish her education.

For myself, going to university could be said luxurious, it was in 1997, the begining of monetary crisis in Indonesia. My parents are lecturers, civil servants. They could afford paying my tution fees but how about buying books etc.? I was lucky back then there was scholarship from UI and also from the government of Australia.

From Bogor, i went to UI by train. At that time there were not commuter line stopped at UI station. The only train stopped there was economy train. I remember one of my friends commented that we went by train with chickens and goats wkwkwkwkwkwkwk. Back then, the train was awfull (i still use train as main transport from BSD to Thamrin, in the peakest hours, it was better than i was in college).

Fortunately, i made friends with @scootzy @MyLivinDelite Ucha and Linda (also @iekz). We always took the 7am train, full loaded of people, we could move any inch! When we arrived at UI, my job was to open the path and Macy was the one who pushed us from back, until we are secured at the peron. As we arrived, we are all sweating like hell wkwkwkwkwkwk. I sometimes jokes why guys never asked me out at that time, it might be they saw me very very berantakan wkwkwkwkwkwk.

I remember at that time, we always tried to find a solution to get more money. Some us took side jobs as translator or working as internship. I remember that we once distributed flyers at Bunderan HI in a hot afternoon for a paycheck of Rp30ribu :)). Some of us bought our clothes not for PI Mall or PlaYan, but a market near Blok Mall.

It was back then, now alhamdulillah we had made our lives. Two of my friends receive a doctoral and graduate scholarship to US and Australia, one is in house lawyer at a big entertainment company, one is an associate lawyer at one of top 3 lawfirm in Jakarta, and is a housewife with 2 wonderful kiddos. Moi? Alhamdulillah, life is easy to me now ;)) at least now i could afford queuing at Moth*rc*re big sale hehehehe. From how i lived my past, i learnt how give the best in me, and all goes beyond my expectations. Life teach us how to survive.

I want my children know that every penny they will have comes with hard works, that life will never always be easy, and they must deal with it all by themselves. Inshaallah, none of my children is a quiters. Amien.


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