Introduction (from

Our little home consists of Yuga a.k.a Mr. Y, Tyas a.k.a Mrs. T, Zia a.k.a Little Miss Z and our next Baby M
We are just ordinary people with ordinary life but fulfilled with extraordinary moments and wonderful friends and families around us
He is an economist turn to be auditor, she is a legal analyst, Little Miss wants to be a pediatrician
He likes playing PSP and computer games, she likes cooking and shopping, Little Miss likes Upin dan Ipin
He talks in Japanese, she talks in French
He is our financial manager, she is our commander in chief
All of us love travelling to amazing places and love music, books and delicious sushi
All of us like trying new stuff and gadgets
All of us love taking photos and being photographed too
Least but not last, don’t be surprised that our little house is like a kindergarten, because all of us are still learning this life and we are taking all things happened with cheers and giggles…

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