Yesterday when we were at EX Plaza –  Plasindo, my eyes accidentally saw a counter selling cupcakes. I remembered that those (very) tiny cake were mentioned in as the cake served for Tom Cruise’s daughter 1st birthday party (Suri Cruise from wife Katie Holmes – known now as one of Posh Beckham’s best pal -).


The cupcake (or common as fairy cake too) is a small (I could say tiny) cake designed to serve one person (I thing I could get enough of it), usually made in a small paper cup container. They were decorated with cherry, strawberry, frosting and other cake decorations, such as sprinkles.


It intrigued  me how such a tiny cake has become so famous, so I stop over that counter. The cupcakes were so tiny and beautifully decorated (Ga said that they were too “cantik” to be eaten).


I simply fall in love  in that moment with those tiny cakes because of they gorgeous appearance. It came with the size of about 7,5 cm of diameter and abot 7,5 cm of tall. As I said before, it was so tiny!


The cake that I bought –the cherry- was so yummy!!! I could say a regular cake in a miniature size, because a simple cupcake uses the same ingredients as most other standard cakes like milk, eggs, and flour. But I think the taste is like a muffin.


But the cost of tasting it was Rp16.000,- (for one cupcake), so  I think I better bake cupcakes myself. It maybe too expensive for a tiny cake to be eaten, but for such a lovely look you might rethink again before you eat them to put them on your desk as a decoration only. 


(By the way, I think I will make those cupcakes soon for Baby Zia‘s birth celebration, so please wait until 2 next months…)


PS: photos taken from a lot of websites and blogs…


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