Feel Tired of Being Homeless

If I can give some advice to all my friends whose getting married, I would said find a home!

It’s all I could advice them to do cause not having your own house, your own home – in this case your own territory – really will make you very tired…

Long before I’ve got married, I tried to be one of these independent-single-fab-chicks, so-called metropolis chick. I’ve got a room (I was hoping to have my own flat but couldn’t afford for one yet), a lil’one but so homey so that I couldn’t resist to spend my weekends there…

For more to say, it was my own territory!

But, after I’ve got married, I was driven to live between with my hubby’s parents or my parents. Netherless to say, I lost all my territory…

I was stuck there, alone coz my so-lovely-hubby has been miles away from the City, and regretting that I lost my Independence… (but I didn’t regret my marriage, okay!)

Some days I’m at The City, other days at Bogor… I feel so homeless…

Now I’m very tired and I love-love-love to be in my office. I never thought that seeing this messy desk and those piles of documents will be so relieving…

This office is becoming officially my new home… Home Sweet Home…


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